Sylvie Boulet, Psychotherapist and Clinical Sexologist

About me

I have been working as a Psychotherapist and a Clinical Sexologist for many years. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Simon Fraser in Greater Vancouver, B.C. and a Master's in Clinical Sexology and Psychotherapy from the Université du Québec in Montreal, Quebec.

I have been trained in the internationally recognized main psychological approaches: existential humanistic; cognitive behavioral; and "sexocorporelle" (a body mind approach). I furthered my studies with more training in naturotherapy, focusing, enneagram and coaching.

Prior to that I was a communications professional. I directed and co-produced an award-winning documentary on eating disorders. I then became Communications Manager for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), Television and Radio, in Quebec, and for Radio-Canada in British Columbia.

On a more personal note, I can say that I have always been motivated and moved by a quest : which was a desire to better know myself, to understand my mission in life, and to comprehend the motivations and internal realities of others. This also manifested itself in a desire to help people. My understanding of these questions deepened with my study of psychology, biology, sexology, philosophy, as well as holistic health and alternative medecines. 

During the course of my searches and continuous studies I made a big discovery : the enneagram. So many answers are to be found in this approach! So many psychospiritual avenues to travel for development ! And the enneagram is suited and individually tailored to each person. This is
why I present it to you with such enthousiasm, and with a sincere faith that this approach will awaken you, too, to your true nature...

Sylvie Boulet, M.A.