Unique Coaching’s Mission:

Each of us is really truly unique and we all have talents, even a mission... which is to better know and appreciate oneself, to have compassion for others, and to positively contribute to the world. This describes in a few words a large part of the reason for our existence. And when the pleasure of feeling alive is added  to this mission, embodied in the here and now, we can say that it is a life lived in its fullest and that it will be a success.

This is the goal and the proposed path of Unique Coaching : a life that is full and satisfying, fed by the wisdom of inner knowledge, coming from an appreciation for and the expression of the true Self. And as with any journey it all starts with a simple and single step. For the rest an open mind and curiosity will transport you and transform you.

You are unique ! Do not forget...
Take good care of your true nature.

Sylvie Boulet, M.A.